Work for Yourself@50+

AARP Foundation Report

The report, Cultivating Entrepreneurship,  showcases older adults navigating self-employment with the help of Work for Yourself@50+. To learn more about how older adults are making an impact in your community, check out the report.


Today more than 37 million older adults are living in or on the verge of poverty. To combat senior poverty and build economic opportunities for older adults, AARP Foundation launched Work for Yourself@50+.

The report, Cultivating Entrepreneurship, sheds light on the program and celebrates the achievements of older entrepreneurs.

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Cultivating Entrepreneurship illustrates the motivations and challenges of older entrepreneurs. In the report, you’ll read stories of entrepreneurs who came to Work for Yourself@50+ to grow their existing businesses and individuals who were forced to explore entrepreneurship out of financial necessity.

With demonstrated programmatic success, AARP Foundation continues its work to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem for older adults. To learn more, check out the report below.


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