Work for Yourself@50+


This online library contains resources and supports to help aid Community Partners in the rollout of the AARP Foundation’s Work for Yourself @50+ program and pilot with CO.STARTERS.

Onboarding & Setup Resources

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Details the terms and agreements to execute and implement the WFY50+ program as a community partner.

Cvent User Agreement

Cvent is AARP Foundation’s required registration tool to collect and account for program reporting.

Workshop Scheduling Form

Online form to schedule WFY50+ workshops; all workshops will be created in Cvent and added to the WFY50+ website within 48 business hours.

Program Resources

5 Simple Steps Toolkit

This toolkit is provided to participants as a guided resource during the workshop and a take home reference to use. Hard copies will be mailed to your location prior to your workshop date. You will also receive hard copies of the Facilitator version mailed to your location prior to the Facilitator Training.

Community Partner Playbook

Your how-to guide to running your WFY50+ program, including background information and an implementation guide for community partners.

Cvent User Guide

Instruction guide on how to use the Cvent system for the WFY50+ workshop registration and participant reporting.

Facilitator Job Description

Details on key qualifications and required skills to help find the right person to fill the role of workshop facilitator in your community.

Paper Registration Form

Use this paper registration form to capture required participant information when internet access is unavailable.

Post-Workshop Participant Survey

This survey captures necessary participant satisfaction responses after the workshop. Download a paper version or send the link.

Marketing Toolkit

AARP Foundation has marketing tools and resources with guidelines of grassroots methods to promote workshops and leverage AARP Foundation branding.


AARP Foundation Brand Guide

An overview of how the AARP Foundation requires their brand to be used

Work for Yourself @50+ Marketing Guide

Although some of the content is a little out of date, this guide might be helpful in promoting the WFY50+ program in your local community


Additional Resources