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Peggy: Bringing Value — And Hope — Through Yoga

Peggy Hill understands workplace stress. The native New Yorker spent decades as a  corporate marketing strategist, working for a range of Fortune 100 companies. Consequently, she says, “I know the stressors within that world. I lived it for my entire career.” As the proprietor of Yoga with Peggy H™, she Read more

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Barbara: An International Perspective on Entrepreneurship

In 6th grade, Barbara Simmons got a Japanese pen pal — and the long-distance friendship sparked an interest in all things international. In law school, Barbara was president of the International Law Society and an intern at the United Nations Development Programme. She has taught at universities, and also served Read more

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Sheila: The Confidence to Try

I feel like I’m doing much more meaningful work Read more

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Genga: Building a Healthy Business

I love being a business owner. It’s a vegetarian, healthy business, and people love it. When customers say good things about my product, I feel sure that it’s what I need to be doing. Read more

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