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New York Times and Center for an Urban Future study

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New York Times and Center for an Urban Future study

Retire? These Graying ‘Encore Entrepreneurs’ Are Just Starting Up

Work for Yourself@50+ was mentioned in the New York Times in September as part of a feature on the growing popularity among people in their 50s and 60s to start their own businesses, redefining a startup culture often “ruled by the young.”

The feature comes from a larger study from the Center for an Urban Future called Starting Later: Realizing the Promise of Older Entrepreneurs in New York City. Paolo Narciso, vice president of impact areas at AARP Foundation, is quoted in the study. “We would not have doubled the number [of sites] had we not seen results,” says Narciso. He adds that the program [Work for Yourself@50+] has so far exceeded its goal, serving more than 7,500 would-be entrepreneurs via its online workbooks and more than 2,500 who have attended workshops in person.

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